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Acrylic Display Shelf - Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers from China

Acrylic world Displays was founded with one mission—to create an attractive and efficient way to display cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and other products for dispensaries. Today, our e-commerce store provides cannabis display cabinets and counters, cannabis pod displays, dispensary showcases, concentrate and extract displays for medical marijuana dispensaries that want to achieve a more refined look and presentation of the cannabis products. Our goal is to help dispensaries make the transaction between budtender and patient a more enjoyable and efficient experience.Our innovative line of cannabis display pods allow the customer to fully appreciate the distinct terpene aroma of each strain, while keeping the sample air-tight and secure. Some of our signature display pods include the Canna-Pod, Puffer Pod, Bud Pod, Sensory Pod, and Flower Pod. Our professional dispensary display cases and cabinets are designed to highlight your products, each of these having LED lighting built-in or as an option.

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