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Beverage Pusher Automatic Supermarket Shelf pusher system

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Beverage Pusher Automatic Supermarket Shelf pusher system

Shelf Pusher Divider System
The Feature of Adjustable Pusher:
-Adjustable design
Dividers are able to adjust to appropriate depth of installation,According to the different requirement,more flexible
-Firm and stable,not easy to fall off
-flexible adjustment variable length
-Light material easy installation

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What’s worse than customers struggling to find what they’re looking for in the frozen section is the money that goes out the open freezer door while they’re standing there searching. Reliable and hard-working pusher tray systems from Retail Space Solutions make finding products faster and reduces shrink.

Designed to keep even the most awkward frozen packages organized and front-faced all day long, our pusher trays make product selection fast and easy. That makes for quicker picking for employees fulfilling orders and it significantly reduces the time customers are holding the freezer doors open.


Retail Space Solutions pusher tray systems take the guesswork and the hassle out of frozen stocking and stock rotation. At a glance stockers can see which products are running low, and the patented trays slide out for easy loading and quick backfilling of new products.

Because pusher trays automatically condition shelves and keep things organized, stockers have more time to reload quick-selling products. And the simplicity of pusher tray systems even helps them do this faster, getting them quickly in and out of the cold.


Especially during busy shopping periods, false-out-of-stocks can make searching the frozen section for products more like an arctic treasure hunt than a shopping experience.

Pusher trays keep frozen packages at the front of the shelf, securely holding them upright and ready for quick selection. And the patented Retail Space Solutions pusher is designed to retract easily to allow customers to return unwanted selections neatly back on the shelf.

Retailers can experience a 50% or greater labor savings.

Slide and lock pushers allow retailers to easily move multiple facings of product without removing inventory from the shelf, making cut-ins and resets a breeze and providing substantial labor savings.

Takes up nominal floor space on the shelf, resulting in no loss of vertical product capacity.

Built in pusher extender rotates up to 180 degrees to provide extra pushing support for wide and tall products.

Prvides 100% visibility of the packaging.

Can be moved while fully assembled during remodels.

Standard 14″ depth with 20″ depth optional

 Kit contains:

65 Center Pushers with divider walls

5 Double Pushers with divider wall (for larger products)

5 Left End Pushers

5 Right End Pushers

5 Front Rails


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