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Custom Acrylic display rack mobile phone product display stand

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Custom Acrylic display rack mobile phone product display stand

Acrylic Cell phone display stand/mobile phone display stand

We design different style and use a different material. The workmanship is included laser-cut, CNC milling, laser engraving, screen printing and hot stamp. We also welcome ODM or OEM. Pls sent your own design and become your POP display partner.

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Our acrylic cell phone display is a synthetic combination of acrylic, aluminum, injection molding plastic and other materials in order to offer the most reliable and attractive display area possible.

Our acrylic cell phone displays are designed to dramatically set off various cell phone styles. Transparent acrylic is used for the main body, with diverse components of the display made using brushed aluminum, mirror finish stainless steel, or other metals. Our cell phone displays offer changeable parts so that retailers can change and design their own display for different cell phone types and available space.

Cooperation with mobile phone brands
Starting in 2006, we began to work closely with some of the world’s top cell phone brands, shown in the list below:

Apple (iPhone)

We offer custom acrylic display products like display stand, display rack, acrylic holder, case, acrylic box and so on. We provide a wide range of acrylic cell phone display stand, acrylic cell phone display pedestal, countertop mobile phone acrylic display, gridwall cell phone display, slatwall mobile phone display, etc. With many years’ experience in making custom acrylic products for well-known companies, we are sure to provide quality acrylic mobile phone display for global customers.

Cell phones are not just communication devices, they are a big part of modern fashion. So, the impression the customer gets about the cell phones you are selling has a huge influence on whether they will buy it or not. So, it is up to you to display your cell phones properly so that customers see how good they look and feel motivated to make a purchase.


That is where Acrylic World Display comes in; thanks to its rich selection of acrylic cell phone stands. And we understand that a proper display is all about telling a story about your products, sometimes visually, and at other times both visually and textually. That is why we have cell phone display options that come with a slot for price tag and a short description of the cell phone on display.

With a good acrylic cell phone display like what we make here at Acrylic World Display, you will also have the chance to display your cell phones in the most presentable of ways; tempting your customers to look more closely at your products and make a purchase. The elegant displays also make you seem more trustworthy as a seller.

Our display will ensure that the phone placed on it is the center of attention by making it appear more appealing to the customer. Otherwise, the display designs are simple and elegant. Furthermore, because we use clear acrylic to make them, your retail space will look clean, classy and uncluttered. Customers respond very well to such features, especially when you offer competitive prices as well.

So, if you have been thinking of ways you can make your display more exciting, you should consider getting an acrylic cell phone display. Some of our displays can handle a single phone. But we also have stands that can be used to display a couple of phones. Such stands should come in handy if you want to display products that customers can compare before making a purchase decision.

With our freestanding acrylic cell phone display stands, you will also stand out among your rivals and get more business. Therefore, you can get in touch with us to get the acrylic cell phone display stand you need to make your products pop and get more sales.

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