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High-end Counter top Acrylic Perfume Display Rack

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High-end Counter top Acrylic Perfume Display Rack

This high-end counter display is made from a pretty thick acrylic . The acrylic in black finish works seamlessly together to achieve a high end looking. It is fragrance resistance, suitable for perfume and other cosmetics. The back panel is backlit for eye-catching.

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Custom Acrylic Perfume Display Stand Counter Style

Product classification: Acrylic perfume display stand

Brand: Acrylic World

Model number: cosmetics-013

Style: counter style display

Product name: Custom Acrylic Perfume Display Stand Counter Style

Size: customized

Color: clear or custom design according to product and brand VI

Structure adjust: available

Application: exclusive stores, shopping malls, retail stores, new product release meetings, exhibitions,  etc.

This custom acrylic perfume display stand counter style will create an excellent and unique display effects for your perfume. It uses all acrylic material, countertop structure. The mirror-like background make it looks perfect. The stair-stepping display area can height each product and give each product individual appeal. This acrylic perfume display stand are widely apply in shopping malls, perfume exclusive stores, exhibitions, new product release meetings, etc.

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About customization:

All our acrylic perfume display stand are customized. The appearance & structure can be designed according to your requirements. Our designer will also considering according to the practical application and provide you the best & professional advice.

Creative design:

We will design according to your product’s market positioning and practical application. Improve your product image and visual experience.

Recommended plan:

If you do not have clear requirements, please provide us your products, our professional designer will provide you several creative solutions, you can choose the best one. We also provide OEM & ODM service.

About the quotation:

The quotation engineer will provide you a  quotation comprehensively, combining the order quantity, manufacturing processes, material, structure, etc.

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